In today’s microwave society we are often looking for two things… convenience and speed, which many of us are willing to pay a premium for.

A good example is childcare. Chances are you use a daycare that’s close to your home/work or have a babysitter that comes to you. When it comes to personal care, we are constantly looking for products that promise speedy results. Some of us even pay a fee to drive in an express lane.

What about our health? Who hasn’t tried a quick weight loss diet or deemed a workout as ineffective after only a short stint? I know I have.

Today, we are seeing more women willing to undergo expensive and complicated surgeries to quickly lose weight even though the risks may outweigh the rewards.

The cool thing about the world we live in today is that technology has made many things better, faster, and more convenient, which is wonderful. Unfortunately, the one area where speed and convenience doesn’t always work in our favor is with our bodies.


No matter where you go, weight loss seems to be a hot topic. More women (and men) of all ages are struggling to maintain a healthy weight than ever before.

Of course, there isn’t a shortage of diets or workout plans on the internet. But most of them make ridiculous promises and it’s hard to tell if the models have been photoshopped or not.  

As I stated earlier, we have become so accustomed to convenience and speed, to the point that we expect it in every area of our lives. Well, I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you, but some things take time, especially if you want it done right.

Put Yourself First

Before starting any weight loss journey, understand that you are beautiful just as you are. You have people that love you and depend on you. The fact that you want to be healthier is a personal choice and how you go about it should be your choice as well.  

With this new attitude and mindset, start creating your weight loss plan based on your interests and needs. This may require that you go to your doctor and get a physical before starting. You may have to do some trial and error to see which workouts you enjoy and which ones work best for you. It may also take time to find some healthy recipes you enjoy cooking and eating. Remember, this isn’t a race, it is preparation for a new lifestyle that can and will evolve over time.

Start Slow

Unlike restricting diets, making lifestyle changes doesn’t mean you have to give up the things you enjoy. If you like pastries, have some from time to time. If you have a favorite restaurant; that not the healthiest, you don’t have to stop going. Simply adjust how often you go or what you order.

Making small adjustments along the way increases your likelihood of sticking to the plan. The same goes for your workouts. Doing too much too soon usually leads to derailment down the road. If you are just starting out, an extreme workout regimen may not be for you. Sure, you’ll burn more calories, but what are the chances you’ll keep going? Start with something manageable and increase your workload over time.

Don’t Focus on The Scale

Scales are a great tool for measuring weight loss, but not so much for measuring fat loss. Depending on your body and the type of workouts you are doing, the scale may not be a good indicator of your progress. Sometimes, we gain muscle while losing fat. This makes our bodies look different while the numbers on the scale remain the same.

So, in addition to the scale, measure your progress by how your clothes are fitting.


There are many things in life where the easiest or quickest route is fine, but when it comes to our health, patience is a virtue. Slowly adjusting our diet and workouts will help us stay consistent.

Healthy weight loss is truly all about patience. When we take our time and put ourselves first, it makes the process more fun as well.